Tuesday, 18 December 2018
source: shiitenews

Iranian Persian language dailyís chief editor has inferred that European Union (EU) misuse UN-sponsored nuclear deal of EU3+3 (so called 5+1) with Iran as a leverage to get other unrelated demands met by Islamic Republic in the wake of US ditched the global powers on the deal.
Mohammad Safari, editor-in-chief of Iranís Persian-lanuage Siasat-e-Rooz (Daily Politics) newspaper in an editorial wrote:
ďEven though the EU has been portraying itself as a supporter and defender of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) -- the official title for the nuclear agreement -- it has failed to adopt any practical step to that effect. It would thus be inexpedient to have the Iranian people pay the price for keeping the JCPOA alive -- as is desired by its proponents inside and outside the Iranian administration.
ďIn case Europe demonstrated its goodwill by partially fulfilling its obligations under the pact following the US withdrawal, Iranís continued commitment to and its one-sided implementation of the deal's terms would have been more justifiable. It is, however, a strategic mistake to defend an agreement, the only beneficiary of which is the other party thanks to Iranís full compliance.
ďThat Europeís planned launch of the so-called Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) would guarantee Iranís interests is a wrong assumption. The Europeans have designed the financial mechanism in a way that would only partially meet Iranís food and medical requirements, in return for oil. Such a mechanism, if implemented, would helplessly place Iranís hand under a European cleaver.
Safari wrote that EU was seeking that Iran should not oppose the US-led bloc policies on Iranian missiles and Middle East. He wrote that EU share the US goal in the region where their allies have imposed war on Yemen and playing dirty role by using proxies against the sovereign nation-states such as Syria and Iraq. The EU too wants Iran should not support Palestinian and Lebanese legitimate national resistance groups, Syrian regime and peaceful solution of Yemen crisis.

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