Sunday, 17 February 2019
source: shiitenews

Saudi Crown Prince Pakistan visit has failed prior to its start today due to intensified tension in the wake of reaction of Indian government to Pulwama attack and Iranian government reaction to Zahedan attack.
Analysts believe that it was Indian reaction to Pulwama that forced Saudi Crown Prince to reschedule the visit from Saturday to Sunday. Second, the business to business meeting between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia has been cancelled.
Saudi Kingdom prefers India to Pakistan and Saudi relations with India are much larger as compared to Pakistan. Hence, it remains to be seen if Saudi Crown Prince MBS will do anything to benefit of Pakistan at the cost of India or not.
On the other hand, Iranian officials have accused Saudi Arabia and UAE of having been involved in terrorist attacks inside Iran and an Iranian top general announced tit-for-tat response to these two countries whom Pakistan is strengthening its relations while the both GCC countries publicly vowed measures against Iran.
Therefore, Pakistani nation doesn’t see positive impacts of MBS Pakistan visit and majority believes that Saudis would again drag Pakistan into Afghan war-like game whose fallouts still chase Pakistan.

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