Sunday, 17 February 2019
source: shiitenews

Iran Majlis (Parliament) speaker Dr Ali Larijani said Sunday that Zahedan terror attack was plotted and performed from inside Pakistan therefore Pakistan government should answer for this terrorist attack.
Underlining Iran's respect to Pakistan government, Larijani said such acts would affect cooperation between two countries.
Addressing Majlis open session on Sunday, Ali Larijani condoled with the bereaved families of the victims of the deadly attack.
He also urged the Iranian Foreign Ministry and security bodies to pursue the issue with utmost zeal.
Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to US and Israel hasty act to hold the disgraceful Warsaw circus as a measure which revealed 'they have nothing to offer.'
The only output of all that clamor and fuss was a bunch of repetitive and nonsense speeches which were indicative of the fact that US has turned into a plaything in the hands of a terrorist grouplet which is following its hallucinations in the diplomatic scenes.
He noted that the US and Israel basically disgraced themselves rather than harming Iran with false propaganda.
The terrorist attack killed and injured dozens of IRGC forces in the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan which borders Pakistan.

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