Friday, 14 December 2018
source: shiitenews

Imamia Students Organisation central president Qasim Shamsi has reminded the PTI government its pledge Imran Khan-led party had made prior to elections that they would enforce uniform education system across Pakistan.
“Now, Imran Khan and his party rules Pakistan so they must honour their pledge and introduce identical education system for all Pakistan and Pakistanis,” he said, speaking to students of various universities in Lahore.
He said that new education system should be based on Islamic principles and rationality so that students get education for the noble cause of humanity and play their cardinal part in nation-building instead of current mindset that revolve around maximum commercial benefits at all cost.
Mr. Shamsi said that uniform education system would help end the class system and remove the sense of alienation and deprivation of lower-middle class.
“Imamia Students Organisation always played its role for promotion of education and training of students and will continue to help them attain education and get trained for professional career,” he said.
ISO president further said that majority of students don’t know real issues and they were embroiled in non-relevant matters. He stressed the need that all student organisations should join hands for the cause of education.

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