Thursday, 07 March 2019
source: shiitenews

Iraqi Parliament Speaker stressed on the necessity of seeking the interests of the two nations of Iran and Iraq and cooperation in the economic field and other areas, emphasizing that Baghdad is supporting Iran against sanctions.
Mohammed al-Halbousi on Wednesday met and conferred with Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on regional issues and the need to fight terrorism.
The Iraqi parliament speaker added, 'Today, we came with the delegation from most of the Iraqi political groups and political spectrum, which shows that all the political groups of this country are interested in being in touch with Iran.'
Pointing out that Iran and Iraq share a lot of geographically and religiously commonalities, he added that the political mix of Iraq today is a simple experiment. Heads of power in this country have a high degree of understanding, and their political groups and movements are based on an electoral plan, not an affiliation with tribes and ethnic and religious groups, and this is why in the coalition that has been formed all ethnic groups and religions of the country is present.
Al-Halbousi noted that the coalition's achievement was the first step in the fight against the ISIS terrorist group that Iraq succeeded against this extremist organization, which was achieved with the cooperation of our friends, with Iran at the top which the nation Iraq appreciates this position.

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