Thursday, 03 January 2019
source: shiitenews

President Donald Trump has hinted that he would be meeting with new leadership of Pakistan in near future although he also hurled accusations against Pakistan one more time of hosting the enemy of United States.
“We want to have a great relationship with Pakistan, but they house the enemy, they take care of the enemy. We just can't do that. So, I look forward to meeting with the folks from -- and the new leadership in Pakistan, we'll be doing that in the not-too-distant future. I ended the 1.3 billion we paid, it's like water, we just do it,” CNN quoted President Trump as expressing hese views during a media talk and answering the questions. He also reiterated that US gave money to Pakistan, $1.3 billion, he ended that.
He also spoke on role of India, Russia and Pakistan in Afghanistan and regarding Taliban. He said Russia should be fighting because Russia was in Afghanistan as terrorists were going into Russia. They were right to be there. The problem is it was a tough fight. And literally they went bankrupt. They went into being called Russia again as opposed to the Soviet Union. A lot of these places you're reading about now are no longer a part of Russia because of Afghanistan. But why isn't Russia there? Why isn't India there in we there and we're 6,000 miles away? But I don't mind, Trump said, adding that the US wants to help Americans and other nations.
“You do have terrorists, mostly Taliban but is. I'll give you an example. So tall ISIS (Daesh) is an enemy. We have an area where Taliban is here, ISIS is here and they're fighting each other,” he said, adding that he said why don't others let them fight? Why are we getting in the middle of it? I said let them fight. They're both our enemies, let them fight. Sir, we want to do it. They go in and end up fighting both of them. It the craziest thing I've ever seen. I think I would have been a good general but who knows. These are two enemies fighting again but what are we doing? He's done a fantastic job. He's brought the country together. India, Russia, you look at some of the satellite countries that are extremely wealthy with oil, surrounding. I spoke to some of them. They -- I said to a certain country, very rich country, what would you do if the United States pulled out? Oh, we'd be taken over by the Taliban and terrorists. I said, ah. They b then why are you charging us when we have to use your country to send product through?
Trump asked why are you charging us when we send airplanes over your country? We're doing the job for you, why are you charging us? “He said to me, very great gentleman, smart. He said to me, well, nobody ever asked me not to. I said I'm asking you not to. He said we will not charge you. And I'm talking about millions and millions of dollars. Flights over his country. But I say to him, what would happen if we weren't here? And he looks at me and he goes we would be overrun. We could not defend ourselves. And yet he charges us. But he doesn't charge us anymore, OK. Jeff,” he said.

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